Student Highlights

We feature just a several of our alumni who benefited immensely from our programs! To learn more about our students and how Taleem has impacted them, read their profiles!

Rosedeep Kaur
Hometown:Richmond, California
University: UC Berkeley
Major: Computer Science and Economics
Father's Occupation: Cab Driver
Mother's Occupation: Certified Nurse

The Taleem Summer Program has changed my life. I met my role models there and was given the opportunity to experience a whole new side of the world. My mentors exposed me to options that I didn’t know existed. They worked hard to help guide students to colleges that were the best fit, regardless of rating or popularity. Moreover, the honesty, passion, and the respect that I witnessed in the program has inspired me to give back and serve the community the same way. But most importantly, with the help of teachers and mentors I was able to attend the world’s best public university, UC Berkeley, and set myself on the path of success and righteousness.

Jaskaran Atwal
Hometown: San Jose, California
University: UC Davis
Major: Chemical Engineering
Father's Occupation: Shipping Clerk
Mother's Occupation: School Bus Driver

Like many people from the Punjabi community, my parents were immigrants to this nation. They had only completed high school in Punjab and had no experience with the education system in the US. The Summer Program provided a mentor for me that I could not have back at home. I was able to receive insight into the college admission process and even my future career. With the help of the Summer Program, I was able to attend UC Davis and continue to set myself on the right path for success.

Amandeep Kaur
Hometown:Hercules, California
University: UC Davis
Major: Chemical Engineering
Father's Occupation: Former Truck Driver
Mother's Occupation: Housewife

As a daughter of two very traditional parents, the concept of going to a university in America was a dream that seemed hard to attain. My parents never finished high school. The Summer Program made it possible for me to understand the process of applying to colleges. I learned things from my mentor, which I wouldn’t have learned without going to the Summer Program. The Program not only helped me understand the college material, but also main aspects like financial aid, which was very important for me. My parents and I are thankful to the Summer Program for guiding me to the right path.

Yuvraj Singh
Hometown: San Jose, California
University: Williams College
Major: Economics
Father's Occupation: Business Man
Mother's Occupation: Chemist

Before the summer program, I had no idea how I was going to prepare for the SATs. I was also confused about the college application process. The summer program was perfect because it was a structured class that also exposed me to the college application process. My score improved by 400 points from the diagnostic to the real SAT.

Jaspreet Singh Tathgur
Hometown: Hayward, California
University: UC Berkeley
Major: Economics
Father's Occupation: Self-Employed
Mother's Occupation: USPS Carrier

I was on my own in terms of navigating the American schooling system until I was introduced to mentors from the Taleem Initiative. These mentors became an immediate source of inspiration — I could relate to them on a cultural level and moreover, I had a lot to learn from them as they were both attending prestigious institutions in the US. For the three next years, their mentoring and support of my academic endeavors proved unparalleled. They encouraged me to participate in opportunities that I didn’t even know high school students could participate in (e.g., scientific research).

Sarvarinder Kaur Gill
Hometown: Union City, California
University: UC Berkeley
Major: Integrative Biology
Father's Occupation: Truck Driver
Mother's Occupation: Machine Operator

The program prepared me for the SAT exam well as it shared the tips and tricks that made virtually all questions on the SAT exam predictable. It was also informative about the opportunities available after high school. I was really inspired by all the speakers/guest lectures. The program motivated me to work hard towards my goal of becoming a surgeon and to never give up.

Rajdeep Singh Gill
Hometown: San Jose, California
University: UC Merced
Major: Computer Science and Engineering
Father's Occupation: Machinist

The Summer Program impacted me in many ways. First, it gave me the knowledge that I need for college, particularly the SAT. Along with my math, reading, and writing skills, it also gave me a chance to build my communications skills by interacting with my peers in the class. It also helped me build my confidence and inspired me to help others younger than me to go to never give up.

Navjot Singh
Hometown: San Jose, California
University: Stanford University
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Father's Occupation: Technician
Mother's Occupation: N/A

Through the Summer Program I was not only able to gain valuable test taking strategies that helped me do better on the SAT, but also gain crucial knowledge regarding the application process for private and public colleges. The program was able to give me a perspective on writing good personal statements, getting through the entire college application process, and doing well in college. The knowledge that I gained from the Summer Program was able to relieve some of the stress during senior year and became a crucial part to my college application process.

Gurnit Ghardhora
Hometown: San Jose, California
University: San Jose State University
Major:Software Engineering
Father's Occupation:Engineer
Mother's Occupation:N/A

The program is excellent for high school students preparing for the SAT as well as those wanting to learn about different colleges/universities. It is also great for learning about different career options. The program prepared me for college-level English. We also had professionals from industry come in and tell us about themselves as well as what their job entails so we could get an idea of whether we would like to go in that field. I learned what courses to take in preparation for college. I also got to meet other students with similar interests and had fun while learning!